The greenhouse empty and clean in a jiffy

At the end of the growing season, just one thing is important: getting the greenhouse empty as soon as possible! Who will do the work of removing the plants, rockwool, leaves and film? And then clean and disinfect the greenhouse? Marel Loonwerk, of course. Because at a time like this, what you need most is a reliable partner to get the job done, both quickly and thoroughly. 

Shredding plants

The plants must be removed, but first they need to be speedily shredded. This is work for the Marel Loonwerk specialists. The big advantage of a company like ours is the ample capacity. After all, at the end of the season you want to quickly make everything ready again for the next crop. Marel Loonwerk can spring rapidly into action to shred crops like tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers and aubergines. After your employees have placed the plants on sheets between the guiding rails, we pull these sheets at great speed towards the machine. Here the plants are then shredded and taken out in tipping skips. 

Clearing out rockwool and leaves

After the plants have been shredded, your employees again place the sheets between the guiding rails to receive the rockwool and leaves. We then roll up the sheets and pull them quickly to the central path. From here, we take the waste material out of the greenhouse, using a power shovel fitted with a foliage grab with hydraulic clamp. If you would prefer to have your own employees take the rockwool and leaves to the central path, you can ask Marel Loonwerk to just take the waste material out with a power shovel.

Cleaning an empty greenhouse to a great height

If you’d like your new crop to get a good start in a completely clean greenhouse, we use various methods and cleaning agents to make your greenhouse roof crystal clear. We clean your glass perfectly, either manually or with induction-guided hydraulic lift trolleys. We use powerful air-assisted mechanical spraying to clean greenhouses to a great height (about 7.50 metres). We can even clean glass effectively in companies where our induction-guided equipment is not appropriate: in those cases, we use manual spraying and rinsing. 

High-pressure cleaning of growing gutters

A clean greenhouse should have clean growing gutters. Marel Loonwerk also has the right machines for this. Especially for the cleaning of growing gutters, we have constructed a system that uses special nozzles and high-pressure spraying. Success is guaranteed.

Disinfecting for a clean start

If the greenhouse and growing systems are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between crops, then viruses, bacteria or fungi from the last crop simply don’t stand a chance. Disinfecting the greenhouse gives you a fresh, clean start. Marel Loonwerk ensures that this is done quickly and professionally by fogging or manual disinfecting.