No chance for unwelcome guests

If the greenhouse and growing systems are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between crops, then viruses, bacteria or fungi from the last crop simply don’t stand a chance. Disinfecting the greenhouse gives you a fresh, clean start. Marel Loonwerk ensures that this is done quickly and professionally by fogging or manual disinfecting. 

Fogging ensures a clean start

Complete elimination of fungi, bacteria and viruses? You can make a clean start to the new season by treating the entire greenhouse space with one of our turbofoggers. Marel Loonwerk has developed its own special turbofoggers, which spray a fog of the disinfectant liquid from the concrete path to the farthest corners of the greenhouse. Marel Loonwerk can advise you about which disinfecting agent is most suitable for your crop. A good result is guaranteed!

Manual disinfecting as an alternative

Although most growers choose the turbofogging method, some clients prefer to have the greenhouse manually disinfected. We can naturally also provide this service.

Disinfecting the ground sheet for sweet peppers

Some sweet pepper growers find it important to disinfect the ground sheet at the end of a season, because this can also be source of bacteria, fungi or viruses. Marel Loonwerk has developed a spray boom that evenly disinfects the ground sheet between and below the growing gutters. The spray boom can be adjusted for each individual growing system, exactly tailor-made for your situation. If you have any questions about the quantity of liquid or the disinfecting agents to be used, we will be pleased to advise you.