Excavation for new-build

Excavation is in excellent hands with Marel Loonwerk. We are your partner for all excavation in new-build projects, e.g. for laying cables and pipes. In this work, we make use of laser technology, which means that precision is guaranteed. You can also rely on Marel Loonwerk for careful installation of soil-warming systems or drainage systems.

Excavation for cables and pipes

In new-build projects you need all kinds of excavation for rainwater drainage, substrate pipes, soil and CO2 pipes and electricity cables. We use our excavators fitted with laser equipment to dig the various trenches. For CO2 pipes and electricity cables we can use our chain excavator, which has many advantages compared with ordinary excavators: for instance, it is faster and also the trenches are less likely to sag, because the excavated ground is finer. This machine can dig trenches to a maximum of 130 centimetres deep and 60 centimetres wide.

Revetments and sheet piling

If you have a ditch side that’s giving way, it’s time to fit a revetment. All it takes is one phone call to Marel Loonwerk. The height is determined by the height of the ditch side. Your revetment will be delivered ready-made, so there’s nothing else you need to do. 

Installation of soil-warming systems

For some crops, a soil-warming system is still the best way to get the cold out of the soil. Marel Loonwerk is the specialist that has the know-how and the machines to install your soil-warming system. There are good reasons why many heating contractors work in close collaboration with us. We install soil-warming systems for use with soil-based crops (such as flowers), but also for use with culture floors and ebb-and-flood floors in pot plant growing. We install the hoses with absolute attention to detail, and also take care of all the excavation work involved. 

Construction of drainage systems

Marel Loonwerk has extensive experience in the construction of drainage systems. We provide all aspects of constructing the system that’s best for your situation. With natural run-off or pumping to a lower level. We make use of an ultra-modern, laser-equipped chain excavator, which does the work not only efficiently but also with maximum precision. 

Drain jetting

Some soil structures may be more likely to cause deposits in a drainage system, which can result in blockages. Do you have problems with one or more pipes with insufficient flow? Then mechanised or manual jetting is a solution that removes the blockage. Marel Loonwerk uses the right pressure to jet your drainage system. Dirt particles in the pipes are resolutely eliminated, and the undisrupted operation of your drainage system is ensured.