Glass cleaning

Glass cleaning is specialist work. Removal of whitewash, coating or dirt will give you better yields from your greenhouse. Marel Loonwerk has the right machines and highly experienced staff to ensure optimum cleaning of glass, both inside and out. We can clean your greenhouse not only at the end of the season but also while crops are still growing, allowing you to make maximum use of the available light. 

Cleaning an empty greenhouse to a great height

If you’d like your new crop to get a good start in a completely clean greenhouse, we use various methods and cleaning agents to make your greenhouse roof crystal clear. We clean your glass perfectly, either manually or with induction-guided hydraulic lift trolleys. We use powerful air-assisted mechanical spraying to clean greenhouses to a great height (about 7.50 metres). We can even clean glass effectively in companies where our induction-guided equipment is not appropriate: in those cases, we use manual spraying and rinsing. 

Cleaning above the crop with water

If the greenhouse roof becomes dirty on the inside while crops are growing, this results in loss of light. Cleaning can be a solution. Marel Loonwerk can clean the glass above flower crops, for instance. We naturally then work only with water, which is sprayed at high pressure onto the inside of the glass. 

Fast mechanised cleaning of coating or whitewash

At the end of the season, you want to have the coating or whitewash removed quickly. Marel Loonwerk is here to help. We provide mechanised spraying of the greenhouse roof, after which the coating or whitewash is simply rinsed away by the rain. 

Manual cleaning of coating or whitewash as an alternative

In places where mechanised removal of the coating or whitewash is impossible, we do it manually. Professional cleaning agents and highly experienced staff guarantee that every last trace of dirt is removed from the roof. 

Brushing makes your greenhouse roof crystal clear

Would you like to have a crystal clear greenhouse roof again? We can do this in an instant with our brushing machines, which can be used on roof widths of 3.20, 4.00, 4.27 and 4.80 metres. We will advise you on the options and cleaning agents. It is also a good idea to brush the greenhouse roof during the season: after all, dirt reduces the light transmission!

Greenhouse gutters like new again

Gutters on the outside of the greenhouse can be cleaned in several different ways. We have deliberately chosen the method of gutter cleaning machines with rotating brushes. With these, the dirt in the gutters is effectively loosened, and at the same time the gutters are sprayed clean with ample water and pressure via a hose reel fitted on the machine. After spraying, the gutters look new again. The machine can be adjusted for roof widths of 4.00, 4.27 and 4.80 metres.

Where mechanised cleaning of the gutters is impossible, we can also do this manually.