For a perfect end result

Whitewashing / coating has been a Marel Loonwerk specialism for many years. We started to offer this service soon after the company was set up. As an objective adviser, we can help you to choose the best materials and use of the latest technologies. This guarantees a good result.

Mechanised whitewashing with more cover

As specialists since the start, we know how essential it is to apply whitewash at the right time. With our modern, specially developed spraying equipment, we can whitewash even the largest areas quickly and efficiently. A unique feature is the technique developed by Marel Loonwerk itself to guarantee slightly better cover at the ridge with mechanised whitewashing: special directed-spray nozzles at the end of the spray boom. These apply a slightly thicker coat of whitewash in this crucial place, to ensure that the whitewash lasts longer and doesn’t need to be applied again. By varying the dilution of the screening agent, we can offer tailor-made screening to precisely meet your requirements.

Mechanised coating for the best effect

Diffuse coating of the greenhouse roof is a hot item in both flower and vegetable growing. Various coatings are available to diffuse the light entering the greenhouse. Diffuse light penetrates deeper into the plants, which can contribute to a more even climate. Dispersal of the light leads to more photosynthesis, also at the base of the plants, resulting in a better quality product and a more pleasant working environment for your employees.

We use our own specially developed spray equipment to apply the coating, which ensures slightly more cover at the ridge and also perfect distribution of the selected coating agent. The choice of coating is up to you. This can often be a difficult decision, given the number of variants on the market. We will be pleased to offer advice and share our experiences. If you would like to try a new coating, that’s always a possibility: we work with all suppliers.

Whitewashing or coating by hand is a real craft

If mechanised whitewashing or coating of your greenhouse roof is impossible, we will decide in consultation with you to apply the whitewash or coating by hand. For this job, it is essential to have the right experience. Our staff have gained this experience over many years of service, so you are assured of a beautifully even application of the whitewash or coating, which will last all season long. That’s what we call craftsmanship!